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The purpose of the various federal program grants and allocations is to provide additional resources with which to meet the needs of the students and the Local Board of Education.  The federal funds are used in conjunction with and in addition to the various local and state funds.  The federal funds supplement the state and local funds to provide services to meet the educational needs of the students.


Director of Federal Programs, Mrs. Lee Jacobs

Email:  jujacobs@dothan.k12.al.us


LEA Title I Plan

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Homeless Policies and Procedures Manual

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Federal Programs 101


Why do some schools receive Title I Funds and others do not?


Schools that are eligible for Title I funds are the schools with 35% poverty or higher, according to NCLB. However, NCLB states that the LEA can set their poverty % cut off. DCS has a set cut off at 50% poverty.




How is the poverty % configured?


It is based on the school’s Free & Reduced Lunch count from the 20-day report.




What is the difference between Supplant and Supplement?


Federal funds are to be used as a supplement to the general budget.




List of Federal Grants we receive:

Federal Consolidated Grants:

Title I Part A– 3,015,419.00

Improving Basic Programs Operated by the LEA


Title I Part D – 100,488.00

Delinquent Programs/Serves


Title II Part A – 508,254.00

Preparing, Training, and Recruiting Highly Qualified Teachers and Principals


Title III – 20,274.00 (ESL)

English Language Acquisition, Language Enhancement, and Academic Achievement (ESL Program/Serves)


Other Federal Grants:

McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act 

Head Start Act

Perkins Vocational and Technical Education Act 

Individual with Disabilities Education Act 




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