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Mrs. Sally Andrews
Phone: 334-793-1397   Ext: 251
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Sally Andrews is a secretary in the Personnel Department, reporting to Mr. Todd Weeks.  She has worked in Personnel since December 2011.  Previously she worked at Dothan High School as a clerk, teaching assistant, and lunchroom worker.  Sally was a substitute teacher for ten years with Dothan City Schools.  She worked for DuPont in Clinton, Iowa before moving to Florence, South Carolina with DuPont where she worked as a switchboard operator, keypunch operator, clerk, secretary, and computer operator/programmer.  Sally also lived three years in Louisiana where she was a stay at home mom.

Sally and Dave Andrews have three children that all went through Dothan City Schools and graduated from Dothan High School.  Sally enjoys traveling, reading, and the outdoors.  She loves to spend time with her children who are scattered across the country pursuing their dreams.

Sally is committed to Dothan City Schools and believes in the futures of the children in Dothan City.

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