• School Safety

    There are two (2) dedicated SRO (Student Resource Officers) on campus who are available to address needs of parents and students. The SRO office number is 794-1410 ext 242.

    Dothan High also conducts several random fire, bomb, tornado, and lock down drills during the school year.  These drills are designed to familiarize students and staff with the actions to take during emergencies.

    Dothan High also enforces the Dothan City Schools policy against harrassment, violence, and threats of violence.  See pages 24-26 of the 2012-13 Code of Student Contact to read the policy, learn how to report violations, and to see a sample of the "Harrassment Complaint Form" which is available in the Principal's Office.

    Students and parents can also help keep our campus safe by participating in School Crimestoppers.  Call in anonymous tips with information of serious crimes on campus by following the following steps:

    1. Call the School Crimestoppers Line at 334-793-7000.
    2. DO NOT GIVE YOUR NAME.  Say you are a student/parent caller.
    3. Give the information about any criminal activity at school, on school grounds, or in the community.  You may be asked some questions, but will NOT be asked your name.
    4. You will be given a code number and instructions when to call back to find out he progress of your tip.  Remember & protect your code number. If the information you provide results in a success, you will be given further instructions how to pick up your reward and how much you will receive.

    Dothan High is committed to the safety of all students.  Let's work together to promote a safe Wolfpack Community.




  • Dothan City Schools Department of Safety, Security and Attendance

     DHS is part of the RAPTOR security system that has been implemented by Dothan City Schools.

    When visiting our school,
    Stop at the front office immediately after entering our building,
    Speak with the Clerk,
    Show your Drivers License, and
    Sign in. 
    You will then be given further instructions. 
    Thank you for your cooperation in helping keep everyone in our building safe.