Public Information Office

  • Dothan City Schools is committed to preparing all students for the choices and challenges of the 21st Century.  Our goal is to prepare all students to participate productively and responsibly in a rapidly changing society. Through the Pubic Relations Department, Dothan City Schools plans to ensure clear and consistent communication with its stakeholders.

  • Our Communications Goals: 

    1. Establish a clear brand identity for the district to build image and reputation while accurately telling the story of DCS.
    2. Protect the privacy of DCS students
    3. Utilize a variety of media to maximize the awareness and support of the district’s goals, objectives, and programs.
    4. Develop and maintain transparency in school district operations as well as procedures for handling crisis
    5. Develop and maintain positive, collaborative relationships with all stakeholders to strengthen support for DCS.
    6. Promote community involvement and build partnerships that serve to enhance the educational experience of DCS students.

    Dothan City Schools Public Relations Department handles all media relations related requests and acts as DCS's Public Information Office. 

  • Mrs. Meagan Dorsey

    Public Information/Relations Officer


Dothan City School News

  • Is something good happening in your school that the community should know about? Do you have good news to share about a class project, school activities, student and staff achievements, or interesting people in the district? Dothan City Schools Public Relations Office can help you get the news out to a broader audience.


    (For Internal Use Only: Must have email address to submit) 

Media Guidelines for All Dothan City Schools

  • Dothan City Schools recognizes the important role the media plays in the community reporting the news and information about educational programs, services, students and employees. However, Dothan City Schools is dedicated to providing all students with a safe, learning environment without unnecessary interruptions.

    Therefore, the following guidelines for the media are in effect at all district campuses and facilities:


    Anytime a member of the media is on District property, the Public Information Officer or a designee will serve as an escort to minimize disruption at the school and to assist with additional requests. If you would like to visit a school, please contact the Public Information Officer, we will work with your schedule, as well as that of the students and staff in order to ensure that your visit is a successful one. Keep in mind that our schools participate in early dismissal days, standardized testing and school-wide events that may prohibit your visit on a specific day.


    Dothan City Schools strictly enforces and follows student privacy preferences and the release of student information as outlined in the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) guidelines. Dothan City Schools operates in compliance with this law allows students and parents to opt-out of the release of certain information about students including photographs. The Public Information Officer will work with each school to determine who cannot be photographed and interviewed according to FERPA guidelines. Before taking photos, video, and quotes from Dothan City Schools students and staff, please verify the legality with the Public Information Officer.

    All media inquiries should be directed to the Public Information Officer including inquiries sent via e-mail. Exceptions include routine athletic and/or extracurricular activity news coverage during games, tournaments, and/or performances conducted outside the normal school day.

Publication Consent Procedure

  • From time to time, Dothan City Schools (DCS) documents classroom and school activities through the use of photography and/or videography. This information may be used for instructional purposes, websites, newsletters, reports, and other media/external publicity.

    By agreeing to the Publication Consent Procedure, you are:

    • Consenting to the use of photographs, videos, or intellectual property (see below) to be used by Dothan City Schools in official publications and other media, for any and all publicity and/or instructional purposes.
    • Granting DCS the rights to copyright or otherwise protect any matter in which said photographs, videos, reproductions and intellectual property hereof and/or testimonial appear.
    • Releasing DCS from any liability in connection with the use, reproduction, and publication of any of the photographs, videos, or intellectual property.

    Description of intellectual property:

    To include, but not limited to: Directory information as defined in the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) (20 U.S.C. § 1232g; 34CFR Part 99); honors, awards, and special recognitions; and any classroom or extracurricular work associated with said recognitions.

    Download the Publication Consent Form

Flyer Distribution Procedure

  • Dothan City Schools welcomes the community’s assistance and the opportunities they provide to our schools. Please remember flyer distribution via DCS is a courtesy and requests should always be to enhance the educational enrichment of each student. For this purpose, the following guidelines have been established:

    • We limit flyers to school-sponsored clubs/organizations, and events being promoted by our community partners, such as the City’s leisure services department, public library, Chamber of Commerce, and other non-profit community organizations
    • We will distribute flyers on behalf of non-profit groups that are not directly affiliated with the schools, as long as they are providing a service to students/families; for example, a summer camp.
    • We do NOT distribute flyers on behalf of any religious organizations since we cannot use our public platform to endorse any religion or faith movement.
    • We do NOT distribute flyers on behalf of any for-profit individual or company; it is our viewpoint that we cannot use our public platform to promote/market any business.
    • Flyers will be approved within two weeks of the request.
    • Always remembering that students and teachers come first, due to the busy schedule at certain times of the school year the following request schedule will be adhered to:

    Requests may be made:

    September 5, 2019 through November 1, 2019

    January 9, 2020 through May 15, 2020

    No flyer requests will be accepted outside the above dates.

    • Requests will only be taken via email by Amy Reed at
      • The vendor or individual making the request should state in the email which school or schools should receive the flyer.
      • The vendor or individual making the request should attach a copy of the flyer to the email.
    • Flyers should be submitted no later than two weeks prior to the date of the activity/function.
    • Flyers should NOT be delivered to any school and will not be accepted by any school until it has been approved by the Public Relations Department.

    Click here to download the Flyer Distribution Procedures and Application