• Instructor: Tom McCallister

    CSTO: N/A

    CTSO Fee: N/A

    Credential: N/A

    The Programming Essentials Short Certificate is a Dual Enrollment partnership through Wallace Community College taught on the Dothan Tech campus!

    Computer programmers write, test, and maintain detailed programs that computers must follow to perform their functions and conceive, design, and test logical structures for solving problems by computers. Computer programs tell the computer what to do – which information to identify and access, how to process it, and what equipment to use. Many programmers update, repair, modify and expand existing programs.

  • Programming Essentials - Dual Enrollment

    1st year 10999C1007 MICROCOMPUTER APPLICATIONS (CIS 146)
    10999C1011 Intro to Computer Logic and Programming (CIS 150)
    2nd year 10999C1036 Visual Basic Programming (CIS 212)
    10999C1075 Object-Oriented Programming (CIS 285)
    3rd year   Continue coursework with Wallace Community College.
    Must be approved by instructor/counselor/admin