• 570004  Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics

    1 Credit

    Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics is a one credit-course designed to equip students with basic knowledge of the profession, including foundational

    skills and safety for personal and environmental practices. Students investigate various topics related to this field with emphasis on rules and regulations,

    ethics, job opportunities, career development, and associated terminology. Students enhance communication skills by working with others on a

    professionally oriented team. Students develop foundational skills, including locating technical information, technical writing, and solving related

    mathematics problems with technical applications. Additionally, students apply problem-solving and critical-thinking skills. Career and technical student

    organizations are integral, co curricular components of each career and technical education course. These organizations serve as a means to enhance

    classroom instruction while helping students develop leadership abilities, expand workplace-readiness skills, and broaden opportunities for personal and

    professional growth

    Prerequisite:  None

    Class Fee:  None

    410011 Safety and Health Regulations

    1 Credit

    In this one-credit course students gain valuable information that serves as a foundation for further study in this area. Students learn the importance of

    government and industry regulations as well as individual responsibilities for performing activities from a safety perspective. Students identify common

    safety hazards found in the workplace and their role in minimizing and avoiding unsafe practices. Specific topics include flammable and combustible

    liquids, egress and fire protection, electrical safety, environmental control, machine guarding, tool safety, first aid, hazard communication, personal

    protective equipment, walking and working surfaces, and material handling and storage. 

    Prerequisite:  None

    Class Fee:  None

    590501 Introduction to Logistics

    1 Credit

    This course engages students in solving contextual problems related to the concepts of supply chains, warehouse location, contingency planning,

    insourcing and outsourcing, and expanding existing supply chains. These concepts form the basis of global logistics and supply chain management and

    help students understand how professionals examine options to maximize the use of resources across distribution networks

    Prerequisite:  Safety and Health Regulation

    Class Fee:  None

    590502  Functional Areas in Logistics

    1 Credit

    This course compels students to explore deeper understandings of the concepts they discovered in the previous course as they navigate projects on

    warehouse design, inventory management, transportation optimization, information technology, emergency responsiveness and the supply chain for

    manufacturing. Students use their experiences in this course to discover ways that professionals minimize the outlay of resources while improving

    efficiency and ability in the global market

    Prerequisite:  Introduction to Logistics

    Class Fee:  None

    590503 Global Logistics Management

    1 Credit

    This advanced course offers challenging projects that require students to look at the global implications of the industry in more earnest as they experiment

    with decisions over intermodal transportation, route selection, international shipping regulations, emergency preparedness, cultural awareness, business

    ethics and international trade restrictions related to a distribution strategy. Students develop their understanding of the industry in this course and truly

    build their awareness of the challenges of doing business in a world with multiple borders that must be traversed.

    Prerequisite:  Functional Areas in Logistics

    Class Fee:  None

    570080 Senior Career Pathway Project-Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics

    1 Credit

    Senior Career Pathway Project (SCPP) is a capstone course designed for career and technical

    education students who have completed two or more career and technical education courses. This

    course allows students to utilize their secondary coursework through an experience that showcases

    their learning. It provides an opportunity for a student to choose an area of interest and engage in an

    in-depth exploration of the area while demonstrating problem-solving, decision-making, and

    independent-learning skills. The SCPP contributes to an educational plan of challenging courses and

    practical experiences that prepares students for the workplace or for pursuing further education.

    During the SCPP the student works with his or her coordinating teacher, academic teachers, and with

    a product or process mentor who has expertise in the student’s field of study. At the conclusion of

    the SCPP, the student presents or demonstrates knowledge gained to an audience consisting of the

    coordinating teacher, academic teachers, the product or process mentor, peers, and community and

    business representatives.

    Prerequisite:  Logistics Instructor’s approval

    Class Fee:  None