• Greetings to the City of Dothan and Surrounding Communities,

    Dothan City Schools is pleased to share with you our first City-Wide newsletter. Through this newsletter, we hope you join us as we talk about the Points of Pride for our schools, introduce you to school traditions (new and old) and join us as we come together as a community to celebrate our students and their achievements.

    Dothan City has a strong sense of community, which is demonstrated in many acts of kindness. As I entered this position, I heard many city leaders and community members, state how important the education of our children is to the ultimate well-being of Dothan. Let this newsletter be your window inside of our schools and the great things our students are accomplishing every day. Our schools have so much to be proud of and we look forward to the continuous growth and improvement of both our system goals and our students’ educational achievements. Cover Photo: Dothan City Schools Points of Pride Newsletter

    Since the end of last school year, our schools have seen many transformational changes and we are enthusiastic about the new direction. Educational opportunities for our students have been expanded and new traditions are being created. Dothan City Schools is not only changing how our students achieve in academics but we are also creating a new culture. That of which each student, teacher, parent and community member can be proud.

    At Dothan City Schools, we are truly building a new culture. We are building a culture of high expectations and results that require people working within the school system to be willing to readjust and learn new ways to deliver instruction. It is also the same regarding ancillary services for students; such as transportation, clean and safe surroundings in which to learn and support services, so that students may be successful.

    Building a culture of high expectations and results also requires the support of the parents and community – at large. Schools are a microcosm of society. We have students from all walks of life, with different learning styles, different home experiences, and different needs. It is our job to meet children where they are and take them to new heights.

    As we build this culture of high expectations, Dothan City Schools will also continue to celebrate our successes! Our students, teachers, and staff should be congratulated for the hard work they have done and will continue to accomplish the remainder of this school year. You will read more in this newsletter about some of our Points of Pride but here are a few notable ones:

    • Dothan City Schools moved up on the reporting system from the Dothan City Schools now has an overall score of B for the entire system. There is no doubt that as we address and review student data, performance and attendance, individual and school grades will climb.
    • Attendance is up 95% across the system.
    • There are 1/3 more Advancement Placement Offerings at the High School.
    • Dothan City Schools now has an Early Childhood Learning Center for our four-year-old learners.
    • Our Dothan High School Athletic teams knocked it out of the park their first year, including our Football, Volleyball, Cross Country and Swim teams all competing at a state level.
    • Schools are receiving new HVAC units, new lights, new roofs, and air quality issues are being addressed. Some schools will also receive secure vestibules to ensure the safety of our students and staff.
    • ADA issues will begin to be addressed with the addition of elevators and ramps.
    • Teachers received a $600 supply gift card for use in their classrooms.
    • Student Resource Officers and School Protection Officers are at the schools daily for the protection of the students.
    • The Code of Conduct was strengthened and is being enforced across the system.
    • Honeysuckle, one of the closed schools, is being prepared to house the central office staff, which will be a savings of over $150,000 in the next school year.
    • New buses were purchased; allowing Dothan City to have close to half of the fleet less than 10 years old.
    • Dothan City School Board Policies and job descriptions have all been reviewed and upgraded.
    • Every Media Center in Dothan City Schools received additional dollars and is now an exciting place for children to enter and work throughout the day.
    • Spanish instruction is being delivered from K-6.

    As we begin to close out our school year, we hope we can continue to count on your support of our students, our teachers, and our schools. In order for change and the successes of this magnitude, hearts have to be touched. In this community, as well as most places, we must show up for our students and support that ALL students are important and should be valued. If you have the opportunity, I implore you to attend our community events, support our school sporting events or even attend our Board of Education meetings to learn more about what is going on in Dothan City Schools.

    We appreciate your continued support of Dothan City Schools.

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