• Transcript Request Process

    Former Dothan High (2020 to present) and Northview High Students:

    Beginning July 1, 2020, transcript requests will be processed differently.  Instead of e-SCRIP, in which you come to the school, fill out a request, and pay the processing fee, we are switching to a new process called Parchment. Parchment is an online tool that allows users to have official transcripts sent securely to colleges, universities, or scholarship programs.

    With Parchment, you will visit the Parchment website, pay their ordering fee, and we will send the transcript where you request for it to be sent.  

    **If you graduated from Dothan High School in the year 2019 or before 2019, you will request your records from Dothan Prepatory Academy.**


    Click the link below to request a transcript: