Field Trip Guidelines

  • Effective August 22, 2021

    The Dothan City Board of Education has authorized the use of buses for field trips.  Buses may not be used by any organization other than Dothan City Schools under the jurisdiction of the Dothan City Board of Education.

Procedure for Scheduling Buses


    We currently have 1 activity bus with a driver and the bus is available on a first-come, first-serve basis upon receiving board-approved paperwork.


    • Field trip coordinator must pay for meals and hotel room for the driver if the team or group eats a meal provided by the team or school.
    • Take extra cash for fuel if the trip is over 500 miles (round trip).
    • Activity driver will automatically get 8 hours of pay for the first day.


    Available from 8:15 AM to 2:00 PM


    First-come, first-serve basis upon receiving board-approved paperwork.









    CANCELATION POLICY - If a trip scheduled with a driver is not canceled within 24 hours, the school/department will be charged a minimum of 2 hours (if scheduled trip was less than 6 hours) or 3 hours (if scheduled trip was more than 6 hours)

    DCS buses are not available for field trips over 300 miles from Dothan to the final destination.

Please use these amounts below to calculate field trip fees:

  • FUEL CHARGE - $1.35/mile


    The fuel charge for bus use is dictated by the State Department of Education on a per-mile cost each year. 

    DRIVER CHARGE - $18.10/hour


    Calculate your field trip to include 15 min pre-trip and travel to and from the destination. **If the bus is significantly dirty, extra time may be charged. 

    **Each school will receive a memo if these amounts change.

    Departments/schools will be billed for the use of the bus and driver at the end of each payroll.

Bus Rules

    • FOOD/DRINKS - Students should be informed prior to the trip that no food or drink is allowed on the buses. Sack lunches in boxes and drinks in coolers are permitted provided they are not consumed on the bus unless approved by the transportation supervisor.  It should be the field trip coordinator’s responsibility to enforce this policy. Drivers are not responsible for loading and unloading coolers and equipment.
    • SPARE BUSES – The driver must fuel, sweep, clean seats, and empty garbage after a field trip. Drop your keys and paperwork in the back door of Transportation if the office is closed.  A mechanic checks the bus after each field trip and if the bus is not clean, it will affect the next person who has scheduled a bus.  A fee will be incurred after 2 attempts to reach the driver and a phone call is made to the principal if the bus is found to be dirty.

Requirements for Use of Buses

    • CDL/BUS CERTIFICATE REQUIRED –Any person who drives a bus with students on board must possess an Alabama Commercial Drivers’ License with a passenger and school bus endorsement and a current State Department of Education School Bus Certificate, which must be renewed each year. Only DCS employees that possess a valid bus certificate can drive a DCS school bus.
    • PHYSICALS - All employees of Dothan City Schools who drive a bus must also have a current physical on file with the DCS Transportation Department signed by a licensed physician. Any employee requesting to drive a field trip out of state must have a DOT physical on file with Dothan City Schools Transportation Department.
    • DRUG/ALCCOHOL TESTING - Any employee who drives a bus must be on Dothan City Schools Transportation's random drug/alcohol testing list. You have 2 hours to comply after notification of your name being selected for drug/alcohol testing.
    • FMCSA CLEARINGHOUSE – As of 1/6/20, all individuals that possess a CDL must register with the FMCSA clearinghouse and give DCS consent to have access to their CDL record. If you have not already registered, please complete the following:
      2. Click “Register”
      3. Click “Go to”
      4. Click create an account below “Sign in”
      5. Enter email address
      6. A link will be sent to your email to confirm
        • Click on the link sent to your email to create your account
      7. You must electronically give Dothan City Schools permission to run a full query.

Field Trip Application Form for Schools

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.