• Flyer Distribution Procedures

    Dothan City Schools (DCS) welcomes the community’s assistance and the opportunities they provide to our schools. Please remember flyer distribution via DCS is a courtesy and requests should always be to enhance the educational enrichment of each student.

    The following guidelines and criteria must be met in order to distribute flyers:

    • We limit flyers to school-sponsored clubs/organizations, and events being promoted by our community partners, such as the City’s leisure services department, public library, chamber of commerce, and other non-profit community organizations.
    • We will distribute flyers on behalf of non-profit groups that are not directly affiliated with the schools, as long as they are providing a service to students/families; for example, a summer camp.
    • We do NOT distribute flyers that are used to endorse any religion or faith movement since we cannot use our public platform to endorse any religion or faith movement.
    • We do NOT distribute flyers on behalf of any for-profit individual or company; it is our viewpoint that we cannot use our public platform to promote/market any business.
    • All organizations must allow a minimum of five days from the date of submission for the flyer to be approved. Detailed or larger flyers may sometimes take up to 10 school days for review and approval/denial.
    • Flyers should be submitted no later than two weeks prior to the date of the activity/function.
    • Flyers should NOT be delivered to any school and will not be accepted by any school until it has been approved by the Public Information Office.
    • If the request is approved or denied, the vendor or individual making the request will be notified.
    • Please be mindful of the Dothan City Schools calendar when making flyer distribution requests.
    • For more information, please contact the Public Information Office at 334.793-1397 ext. 236203

    Please use the following link to access the Flyer Distribution Submission Form:

    • Always remembering that students and teachers come first, due to the busy schedule at certain times of the school year the following request schedule will be adhered to:

    Requests may be made:
    September 13, 2021 through November 8, 2021
    January 10, 2022 through May 9, 2022
    No flyer requests will be accepted outside the above dates.

    • If the request is approved, the vendor or individual making the request and the school(s) will be notified by email of the decision and the following will occur:

    Kindergarten through Third Grade:

    • The flyers can be delivered to the school(s) bundled in stacks of 25.
    • Schools will not accept the delivery if the flyers have not been bundled.
    • Schools will not make copies of any flyer; they must be provided.

    Fourth through Twelfth Grade: Flyers will be emailed to the students.

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