Creating PowerSchool Parent Portal Account

  • 1. Open a web browser and enter the URL:

    2. Click “Create Account” tab

    3. Click the blue “Create Account” button

    4. Complete “Parent Account Details” Be sure to use a valid email address and note the username and password for future use.

     **Be aware of the Password requirements!

    5. Complete the “Link Students to Account” section to connect your account to the students accounts/information/profile.

    1. For the Access ID and Access Password, refer to the PowerSchool Parent Portal Instructions sent home by the school with each student.
      • Note: be sure to use the PARENT SPECIFIC student Access ID on the letter. The Access ID for the parent is different than the STUDENT ID, but the passwords will be the same.
    2. If you have multiple students in Dothan City Schools, complete the information for each student in this area. Again, be sure to use the correct Access ID and Password for each student.
    3. For the “Relationship” question, this refers to relationship of the person creating the account to the student. “I am the “ (in relation)  ” of the student.

    6. Click the blue “Enter” at the bottom of the screen once all information has been entered.

    7. Your account should be successfully created.

    8. You will receive an email to the one used in the account setup process to verify your account. Click the blue URL link in the email to verify.

    9. The link will return to PowerSchool with the message below. Log in with your previously created account credentials.

    10. You will now have access to your student(s) class schedule, grades, attendance, and additional tools and information.



Accessing PowerSchool Parent Portal App

  • 1. In your mobile phone’s app store, download the “PowerSchool Mobile” app.

    2. When the app downloads, open and enter the 4-digit DCS District Code: ZSFF


    3. The login screen should connect to Dothan City Schools.

    1. Parents: Use the username and password created during the account creation process completed on a computer.
    2. Students: Use your Student Username and Password provided at school.

    4. After logging in your student’s classes, class averages, attendance, and additional school information should show.

    1. Parents: if during the account creation process you linked multiple students, press the button with your initials in the top right-hand portion of the screen to swap between students.

    5. To log out on the app, click the “More” button in the bottom right of the app.

    6. Press “Account” and scroll down and press “Sign Out