• The Alabama Department of Education released the Alabama State Report Card on December 14, 2023, containing a letter grade for schools and school-systems across the state. The report card provides parents and community members with an additional snapshot of information to understand how their school is performing, see successes, and know where to ask questions and get engaged. Dothan City Schools’ grade changed from a 76/C to an 80/B.

    This grade reflects several different factors including academic achievement, academic growth, chronic absenteeism, graduation rates, college and career readiness, and English Language Proficiency.


Indicator Factor Definitions

  • Academic Achievement

  • Academic Growth

  • Graduation Rate

  • College and Career Readiness (CCR)

  • Progress in English Language Proficiency

  • Chronic Absenteeism

Indicator Weights by School Configuration


2022-2023 Report Card Scores

2022-2023 Report Card Scores

Elementary Schools

  • At the elementary level, over two years, all elementary schools showed a significant increase in their scores. Compared to two schools in 2022, this year five schools received 100% in the category of growth.

    Out of 11 elementary schools, 9 schools improved a letter grade. Carver School for Math, Science, and Technology moved up three points, maintaining their A score, and Heard Elementary School continues to increase with an additional two points, maintaining their B grade. Beverlye Intermediate increased by five points from a 65 to a 70, Hidden Lake Primary gained four additional points from a 66 to 70, and Slingluff Elementary climbed by six points from a 64 to a 70; each of these schools improved a letter grade to a C. Both Kelly Springs Elementary and Selma Street Elementary improved their letter grade from a C to an B and Highlands Elementary School attained an A grade with a 4 point increase.

    For the three elementary schools that were graded an F in 2021-2022, all schools improved a letter grade to a D, showcasing each school’s ability for improvement. Faine Elementary moved up 10 points and received accolades from Governor Ivey for their 18% growth in math. Girard Intermediate gained 12 points and Girard Primary attained an additional 13 points.



Secondary Schools

  • At the secondary level, all schools but one school maintained their previous letter grade with Dothan City Virtual School moving up two letter grades from an F to a C with a 20 point increase. Within Dothan High, we saw an increase in CCR score from 61 to 73. However, due to a continued increase in chronic absenteeism, Dothan High’s overall letter grade remained the same. While DPA didn’t show gains in the overall report card grade, they did show improvement in math proficiency and math growth.

  • We commend all DCS administrators, principals, teachers and staff for their work on continuous improvement for our community and, most importantly, our students.

    Our report card grades are important for several reasons. Although it is important to understand a letter grade is a snapshot of how a school is performing, it does show specific areas in which we are doing well, as well as areas in which we need to improve. Although we are proud of the achievements of many of our schools, we are encouraged that more improvement is to come.

    We also hope you will view this report as a way to assist and become more involved in Dothan City Schools. Use the report card information to support and improve our schools. Help us raise the grades together for all schools and the system by taking a community approach to the mission of educating children. Together we can strive for excellence in all areas of education.

    Additional data and details about the factors used to determine grades are available on the Alabama State Department of Education’s website, www.alsde.edu.