Policies and Procedures for Facility Use

  • The Dothan City School System (DCS) recognizes that from time to time organizations both affiliated with the school system and not affiliated with the system will want to use school system facilities. 

    Effective January 1, 2019, DCS requires that all use of its buildings, athletic fields and other facilities follow District guidelines regarding approvals required, nature of use, and fees charged. 

    Any extracurricular use of DCS facilities is required to be approved no less than 15 days in advance. Use of all school facilities must be approved by both the school Principal and CSFO before any organization, group or individual(s) may use Dothan City School System (DCS) facilities. 

    A Facility Use form (Exhibit A) is to be completed each time a request is made to use a DCS facility. In scheduling facility use, preference should be given to requests for use that are for the benefit of DCS students participating in school sponsored activities. Fees for use of a DCS facility will be charged in accordance with the then current Facility Use Fee Guideline matrix. The DCS reserves the right to approve deviations from the guideline fees based upon the specific circumstances involved with the proposed use of the facility. Such approval to deviate from the approve fee schedule may only be granted by the CSFO. There will be no deviations from the Facility Use Fee Guideline matrix unless approved no less than 15 days in advance of the event. 

    Groups using any DCS facility will enforce the school's prohibition against smoking, drugs, alcohol, weapons and other such activities and/or items on school premises. Failure to do so can and will cause cancellation to use DCS facilities. The purpose and nature of the program or activity must be consistent with what would be considered reasonable and customary for school aged children. 

    Groups not a part of DCS are required to provide a Certificate of Insurance, naming Dothan City Schools Board of Education and its members as an additional insured. A certificate verifying the existence of such insurance should be presented to the CSFO with the completed Facility Use Form no less than 15 days in advance of when the facility is proposed to be used. Failure to provide this certificate, pursuant to these guidelines, will void the use of DCS facilities by the group or organization. 

    Groups using DCS facilities assume full responsibility for any and all damages to the school facility caused directly or indirectly as a result of the use of the facility. The group using the facility agrees to assume full responsibility for the cleanliness of the school facility and grounds. Furthermore, groups using these facilities agree to return the facility to the Board in the same condition as existed prior to the group's use. Groups must engage a DCS custodian to be present to ensure the facility is cleaned and will pay DCS pursuant to the facility fee matrix. 

    An employee of DCS is required to be on site at all times. This Site Supervisor must be a key holder for the building and must be either a teacher or administrator. The group using the facility agrees to pay the current hourly rate for Site Supervision. Site Supervision fees are in addition to other charges such as facility use, custodial fees and security fees. Checks should be made payable to The CSFO Dothan City School Board. All minimum fees will be paid in advance with the Facility Use Form. A final accounting of fees owed will be made at the end of the event and the group will remit the remainder to the DCS CSFO no later than 10 days after the completion of the event. Failure to do so will forfeit any future use of DCS facilities by the group in question. 

    All groups using DCS facilities acknowledge that it is their responsibility to leave the facility in a clean and orderly manner. Custodial Services is mandatory and will be arranged in advance. Groups using a gymnasium, cafeteria or athletic field for 8 hours or longer, selling concessions, or serving food will be required to submit a $150 Clean-up Deposit. 

    Security services are available at an hourly rate through the system. DCS reserves the 
    right to require a group to contract for security. 

    All facility rental fees collected will be remitted to the CSFO along with the Facility Use Form and the group or individual's Certificate of Insurance. These funds will be deposited into the DCS bank account by the CSFO. 


Facility Use Matrix

As of June 16, 2022
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