Grades K-12

    It is the policy of the Board of Education that good grooming and personal appearance are essential, if not critical, elements in the teaching and learning process. Therefore, it is expected that students dress in such a manner that will ensure the health and safety of the school. Furthermore, dress and personal appearance will not be disruptive or interfere with the legitimate interest and welfare of students. Students are also expected to choose their clothes in good taste, wearing only those clothes which are appropriate for the educational environment.

    All students are expected to comply with the Dress Code. For compelling reasons, such as medical requirements, the principal or superintendent, may, at their discretion, review an individual situation to determine whether a modification of a provision is required for the health and safety of a particular student or other compelling reasons.

    The School Administration will judge the appropriateness of any "fad" or questionable article of apparel.

    With this in mind, the following rules concerning dress and grooming are mandatory for all students attending Dothan City Schools. Students who fail to follow these rules will be subject to disciplinary action.

    1. Any clothing, appearance or personal hygiene and grooming practices that draw an inordinate amount of attention to the individual student are considered inappropriate for school. The dress and/or grooming style of any student must not interfere with the educational process of Dothan City Schools.
    2. Students are to wear clothing in the manner it was designed to work, i.e., clothing worn backward or inside-out, is not allowed. Specifically, pants worn too low (low riders), too long, or excessively large or tight are not permitted. Leggings are not considered pants and must be worn under skirts. All pants (including shorts and skirts) will be worn at the natural waist level.
    3. Students are not to wear clothing that reveals the body in an inappropriate manner. (Examples: clothing which is form fitting, too tight, too short, bare at the midriff when arms are fully extended above the students' head, bare at the sides, sun dresses, "spaghetti strap" type tops, off-the shoulder tops, razor­ back tops, low-cut front or backless tops, sheer or see-thru clothing, etc.) Undergarments should be worn in appropriate manner and should not be visible. Sleeveless shirts or tops for male students are prohibited. Pajama style pants are not allowed.
    4. Leggings are not considered pants and must have appropriate clothing (shirts, skirts, shorts, etc.) that extends to the length of the longest fingertip.
    5. Jeans, pants and skirts with holes, cuts, and or slits are permitted as long as skin is not showing underneath.
    6. Students are not to wear jewelry, ornaments or accessories (fingernails) which distract from the learning environment or may pose a safety risk/hazard (ex. Excessively large, noisy jewelry, caps, flags, quilts, and/or belts). No decorative dental appliances (whether permanent or temporary) or decorative contact lenses will be allowed, unless prescribed by a physician or dentist.
    7. T-shirts or any other type of clothing or personal item bearing a reference to alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, drugs, drug-related slogans and/or any other wording, drawing, pictures, etc., which in any way can be interpreted as being "off-color", suggestive, obscene, or offensive, or relating to, death, the occult, Satanism, etc. are not permitted.
    8. Clothing and/or accessories which are disruptive or distracting to the learning environment or which identifies a student as being a member of a gang or any subversive or unlawful organization will not be allowed.
    9. During the day, students are not to wear caps, hats, bandannas, sunglasses (unless prescribed by a physician) or other headwear (ex. Hoodie pulled up over head, ski hat, etc.) which completely covers the head. Hair cannot obscure the student's face. Combs, hair picks, hair socks or curlers are not allowed to be worn.
    10. Students are not to wear heavy metal chains, metal spiked apparel or accessories, etc. Belts must be fastened and positioned completely within the belt loops with no belt excess hanging down. Suspender straps (including overall straps) must be worn on the shoulder as designed.
    11. Students are required to wear appropriate shoes to school at all times. Boots with chains, steel toes, or other metal reinforcement or decorations are not allowed. Bedroom shoes/house slippers are not allowed. As deemed by the administration, unusual shoes that cause or may potentially cause a distraction are not allowed. Sandals and/or slides may be worn, however, there must be straps around the back of ankle.

Elementary Discipline for Dress Code Violations

Secondary Discipline for Dress Code Violations