• ARC-Accelerated Recovery Center


    Accelerated Recovery Center

    500 Dusy Street

    Dothan, Alabama 36301

    334-793-1397 ext 294 334-699-3646 FAX

    Staff:  Jessica Bradshaw, Kim Cook, Eve Fabrinni, D.R. Forrester

    What is the Accelerated Recovery Center?

    Goals of the ARC Program:

    1. To keep students in school

    2. To prepare students for further educational opportunities

    3. To provide remedial education where necessary

    4. To provide counseling, including sessions on conflict resolution

    5. To provide social skills development

    6. To better prepare students for the world of work

    7. To encourage regular attendance and punctuality

    What is Accelerated Recovery Center and Who Attends?

    ARC is a nontraditional school that serves up to 60 students who fit any of the following criteria:

    Have been disengaged from the traditional system
    Are over-aged and under-credited (at least 16 years of age)
    Have been unsuccessful in middle or high school, or desire an engaging alternative high school experience
    Demonstrate a wealth of creativity, honesty, courage and hopefulness in pursuit of their high school diploma
    Read at or above a 6th grade level

    Students at the ARC will receive academic assessment and core academic instruction in Mathematics, Science, English, Reading and Social Studies, through a computer based instruction program with direct teacher support. All students will be provided test prep for the ACT and the Alabama High School Graduation Exam (AHSGE). Students will test at their base schools. 

    ARC will provide career components to learning, including career assessment and inventories and job-shadowing opportunities through community agencies.

    Entrance Procedures

    Students will compete application obtained from their school counselor.
    Students, parent/guardian, administrator, and counselor will be involved in an intake conference where a plan of services will be developed and a contract signed.
    Each contract will detail required attendance, behavior and conditions of enrollment. The contract will be signed by all parties and must be adhered to at all times to remain a part of ARC.
    Students will not participate in extracurricular activities at their home base school while attending ARC.
    Students assigned will be subject to the Code of Conduct for Dothan City Schools.
    Students will remain on roll at home base school and attendance will be reported daily to home base schools.