• Medications At School

    1. Students requiring medication(s) during school hours must have a Medication Prescriber/Parent Authorization form completed by a physician. The form is only good from school year to school year, unless otherwise stated by the physician.
    2. Only medications that are required to be given during school hours will be administered. Medications prescribed for 1, 2, or 3 times a day can and should be given at home (before school and after school). 
    3. For the safety of your child, the parent/guardian must deliver all medications to the school nurse's office.
    4. The Medication Prescriber/Parent Authorization form must be signed before any prescription medication can be administered at school. If it is the first dose, the first time taking the prescribed medication, the first dose must be administered at home. If the medication order is changed during the school year, a new authorization form is required. If the medication is stopped, please notify the school nurse and pick up any remaining medication with an order from the physician to stop the medication.
    5. All prescription medication must be in a current pharmacy-label container. Ask the pharmacist for a second labeled bottle for home use, if needed.
    6. Students are not authorized to carry medication on their person except those authorized by a physician, such as emergency medications and approved medications for self-administration. 
    7. All over-the-counter medication requires a Medication Prescriber/Parent Authorization Form. The medication must be in an unopened, unexpired original container, age-appropriate, and match the physicians' orders. DCS schools do not stock or provide over-the-counter medication.
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  • Health Screenings

    1. Scoliosis - Grades 5 through 9
    2. Vision - Pre-K, Head Start, Kindergarten, Grades 2 through 4, as requested for Referrals 
    3. Hearing -Pre K, Head Start, Kindergarten, Grades 2 through 4, as requested for Referrals
    4. Height/Weight - Pre-K, Head Start, as requested 
    5. Blood Pressure - As requested by physician, as requested for Referrals
    6. Dental - Pre-K, Head Start

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  • Cleaning and Disinfecting Schools to Help Slow the Spread of Flu

    LINK: CDC - How To Clean and Disinfect Schools To Help Slow the Spread of Flu

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