• Introducing the Parent Portal

    If you received a parent portal login last year, your login should still be active. However, if you haven't used it since school ended, for security purposes, it may need a password reset. If this is the case, please email a reset password request to portaladmin@dothan.k12.al.us (do not email from here - copy email address and send from your personal email account). If you have a second child beginning school this year, please email a request to add this child to the existing account. Please send to the same email address.

    If you are a new parent to "Parent Portal", please follow the instructions below:

    The Parent Portal is now available through Information Now. 

    Please read the following information and instructions on how to gain access to your child's grades, attendance, discipline, as well as other important information.

    •1. Please send an email request to: portaladmin@dothan.k12.al.us (do not email from here - copy email address and send from your personal email account)

    For verification purposes, please include the following information for each child attending Dothan City Schools:

    •A. Parent/Guardian's Name, Address, Phone Number

    •B. Student's School Name

    •C. Student's Name: First/Middle/Last

    •D. Student's School # (Lunch #)

    •E. Student's Last 4 digits of Social Security Number

    For our student's protection, once your request is received, a verification of Parent/Guardian status will be completed via student data and a Parent Portal login will be assigned to you. You will receive an email with login instructions and information. This login will allow you to view data on all of your children that are verified through the information requested above.

    It is imperative that all of the requested information above is submitted in your email request in order to receive timely responses. If all of the information is not included in the email a verification cannot be completed and your request will be returned. The follow-up email will be placed behind those sent in with correct information.

    There are some changes as related to attendance issues; such as excused and unexcused tardies - you will see these on Parent Portal. Please note the following:

    Attendance Definitions: Tardy - present for more than half a day, but less than a full day.

    (If your child has checked in late or checked out early, you will probably see

    Tardy on the Parent Portal) (Excused or Unexcused depends on

    the reason) Excused tardies do NOT count against perfect attendance.

    Absent - present for less than half a day - including not present at all.

    Present - not absent for any of the day.

    If you have any questions related to posting on Parent Portal, you will need to contact your child's school.