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    Please help your child find time to read daily. Establishing a common time to read will help your child develop a good reading habit.  Talk to your child often about reading and books.  Read together.  It is important for intellectual development, and it will be quality time spent together.


    January Tumblebooks Calendar

    January Tumblebooks

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    January 1, 2023: Happy New Year!

    Welcome to 2023!

    Why not check out a book that helps you learn something new in this new year? Learn where you stand in the grand scheme of things?!

    In "You Are Stardust" we learn just how much everything is connected, from the smallest atom, to the largest star!

    January 2: National Science Fiction Day

    Happy National Science Fiction Day! Science fiction is a genre of stories that are based on scientific knowledge and ideas, while expanding and imagining what could be!

    Whether it explores the microscopic world of micro-organisms, exploring far off worlds, or journeying through time, the science part still sticks.

    In "Bill, The Boy Wonder" we learn the true story behind the creation of the legendary Batman, one of the twentieth century's most enigmatic super-heroes. Coincidentally, the old Batman TV series debuted this January , in 1966!

    January 3: Festival of Sleep Day

    Sleep is very important for growing minds. It helps us feel ready for the day. It helps us when we're feeling under the weather. Nevertheless, some people wish they could stay up all night to play or read or work on projects.

    Not "Little Hoot", though! In this story, we have a little owl that is very ready for bed but his parents say he needs to stay up late because he's an owl and that is what owls do.

    So don't forget to get a good night's sleep on January 3rd just like in Little Hoot wants to.

    January 5: Bird Day

    There are so many different species of birds on earth. Some can fly and some can't ... some like swimming, but some detest it. But they're all incredible creatures.

    We've chosen two books that celebrate two very different kinds of birds: "Birds: Nature's Magnificent Flying Machines" (part 1 and 2), and "Cassy's Tale".

    From parakeet to seagull to toucan, celebrate your favorite bird today.

    January 8: The Subway linking Brooklyn and Manhattan Opens in New York City!

    The subway linking Brooklyn and Manhattan opens in New York City on this date in 1908! Why not take a trip around the world, by subway today, to celebrate!

    Coincidentally, the world's FIRST subway opened on January 10th, 1863 - in London, England!

    January 14: Born on this day in 1886... Hugh Lofting

    Happy Birthday, Hugh Lofting! If he were alive today, he'd be 137 years old!

    He wrote the novel, "The Story of Doctor Doolittle". If the name of the book sounds familiar, it has been adapted for television and film several times over and features a doctor that can communicate with animals.

    Enjoy this classic story today!

    January 16: Martin Luther King Jr. Day

    Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was born on January 15th, 1929. If he were alive today, he would be 94 years old.

    Martin Luther King Jr Day is celebrated every year on the 3rd Monday in January.

    Dr. King was a powerful civil rights activist who inspired generations of people to keep striving for racial equality in America.

    Celebrate this hero today and check out the book "Blast to the Past #4: King's Courage".

    January 17: Born on this day... TumbleBooks' Author, Jan Stevens!

    Happy Birthday Jan Stevens! Celebrate it by reading her award-winning book, "Tops and Bottoms", where a trickster hare that has lost everything strikes a deal with a lazy bear to share some vegetables.

    Read and laugh as the hare outsmarts the bear at every turn.

    January 21: Squirrel Appreciation Day

    They are small and fast, and they are serious about collecting nuts. This January 21st, celebrate these tiny animals we see each day by reading, "A Home for Pearl Squirrel".

    Join Pearl as she learns about the different types of homes that her fellow forest animals have and what home means to them.


    January 24: Belly Laugh Day

    Laughter is good for the soul. It can turn a bad day around. It can be contagious. We should all try and laugh a lot more.

    On Belly Laugh Day, read some of our funniest stories on TumbleBooks: "Bink & Gollie, Two For One: Whack-a-Duck!" and "I Penelope and the Humongous Burp".

    They are sure to make you fall over laughing.


    January 25: Opposite DAy

    It is opposite day! Where left is right and up is down and night is day! Say the opposite of everything you actually mean!

    On this nonsense day, let's read some books that delight in opposites: "Big or Little" and "Bad for Them, Good for Me".


    January 27: International Day of Commemoration in Memory of the Victims of the Holocaust

    The United Nations has stated that this year's theme is about educating ourselves now to grow a better future. A future that is about respect, tolerance and humanity. Please take some time to not just mourn for the victims but also to learn more about the Holocaust.

    Our two reading suggestions for today are: "Hana's Suitcase" and "The Whirlwind". Hana's Suitcase is a true story about a museum curator's quest to find the owner of a suitcase that she received on loan from the Auschwitz Holocaust Museum. Whirlwind is a work of fiction about the experiences of 14-year-old Ben Freidman, living in America in 1941 after having fled Nazi Germany.


    January 31: Inspire Your Heart with Art Day

    Think about your favorite art piece. Think about why it makes your heart happy or how it has inspired you.

    It is the end of the first January of the new year and what better way to end it than with a day dedicated to creativity and color.

    Read Peter H. Reynold's classic story books, "The Dot" and "Ish" today and feel inspired to get messy and follow your imagination in new and artistic ways.


    Digital Citizenship is very important in today's technology-rich environment.  Help your child navigate the world of internet access and social media safely and responsibly

    Click here to see digital citizenship lessons by grade levelwww.comonsense.org 

    I use the comonsense.org website (above) and teach lessons to students. 


    A fun introductory activity is to take an internet safety quiz.  This quiz will help you see where your child stands.  Younger students will need help.  Grades 3-6 should be able to take the quiz independently.  Use the quiz as a springboard for productive conversations about digital citizenship. At the end of the quiz you will be taken to the safekids.com website, where you can find other resources.