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Accelerated Recovery Center

Dothan City Schools is committed to ensuring students receive educational opportunities to successfully earn academic credit for graduation. The Accelerated Recovery Center (ARC) is offered as an alternative pathway for students who meet specific criteria for enrollment and are dedicated to earning a high school diploma.

Goals of the ARC Program: 

  • Support students in remaining in school and successfully completing requirements for graduation 
  • Encourage regular attendance and punctuality 
  • Prepare students in college and career readiness future educational opportunities 
  • Provide general education and response to instruction/intervention as needed
  • Provide academic counseling and behavioral counseling i.e. conflict resolution
  • Provide social skills development and career counseling support 

ARC is a nontraditional school that serves secondary (middle/high school) students who meet any of the following criteria:

  • Have been disengaged from the traditional system by
    • Middle school grade level over-aged (16+ years)and/or behind in academic credits for graduation per grade level pacing requirements
    • Demonstrate creativity, honesty, courage, and hopefulness in pursuit of a high school diploma

Students at the ARC will receive academic assessment and core academic instruction in Mathematics, Science, English, Reading, and Social Studies, through a computer-based instruction program with direct teacher support. 

All students are provided test prep opportunities for the state-required assessments and will test at their base schools. Students will participate in career preparatory opportunities, career assessments and inventories, and job-shadowing opportunities through community agencies as applicable.