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    The Dothan City Schools curriculum is aligned with national and state standards. Grade level standards are available for review in each school office and at the Central Office. Students are expected to master the curriculum at each grade level before advancing to the next grade. Special needs of students may be addressed through Exceptional Student Services, 504 Services, Learning in Collaboration (LINC), Problem Solving Teams Teams (PST), and/or school site-based programs.

  • Maria Johnson
    Director of Curriculum Services
    334-793-1397, ext. 236204
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    Kimberly McNeally
    Secretary to Director of Curriculum Services and Testing
    334-793-1397, ext. 236205
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    Melody Peacock
    District School Specialist
    334-793-1397, ext. 236226
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    Lori Shaughnessy
    District School Specialist
    334-793-1397, ext. 236226
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    Dr. Debra Wright
    Assessment, Textbooks, Title IX
    334-793-1397, ext. 236209
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