• DCS Virtual School Program

    Location - Site Office: The site office for Dothan City Schools Virtual Program is 201 East Wilson Street, Dothan, Alabama 36301.  The site is used for parent/student orientation, course assessments, and academic conferences.

    Office Hours: Dothan’s Virtual Program site office is open Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. until 3:30 p.m.

    Curriculum Lab Hours

    • Monday, Wednesday, and Friday   8:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.
    • Tuesday and Thursday  11:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
    • Students must be signed in one hour prior to the closing of the lab.  To prevent students from rushing through a test, no student will be allowed to start a test one hour prior to closing the lab unless special permission has been given by the DCSVP staff.
    • General Office Phone Number  (334) 793-1397 ext 236294
    • General Fax Number  (334) 699-3646
    • Do not hesitate to leave a voicemail if someone is unable to answer the phone.  We are committed to responding to all messages as quickly as possible.  Remember to leave a first and last name along with a phone number.

    Objectives: To facilitate academic achievement for students in Dothan City who reside under the jurisdiction of Dothan City Schools and who desire an alternative to the traditional classroom setting.  To provide a cutting-edge, virtual approach that offers an alternative pathway to academic success for students who are self-motivated, independent learners.

    Target Population: Grades 9-12 - special circumstances grades 7 and 8

    Program Description: As a high-quality, highly accountable school without walls, Dothan City Schools embodies innovation while implementing educational strategies proven effective for increasing student achievement and meeting the urgent educational needs of students throughout Dothan City and the surrounding area.  This pathway offers students in grades 9-12 (grades 7-8 special circumstances) a virtual school experience that allows students to learn using an alternative method rather than the traditional school setting.  Although students must maintain the required pacing goals of each course, students may select the time of day to work online, which allows for flexibility and choice.

    Leadership: Teachers for each course are Alabama licensed, highly qualified, and experienced teachers specifically trained in the curriculum and instructional methods for utilizing the online learning management system.  Teachers work with students using innovative technology tools.

    Curriculum: A 4-year Educational Plan that focuses on the needs of the individual student will be discussed with each student and parent.  The curriculum will align with local, state, and national standards.  Courses will be selected to meet high school graduation requirements and the needs of each individual student.

    Extra-Curricular: Students who are interested in athletics will be able to participate in an athletic program through their zoned high school.  Moreover, all athletes must follow the guidelines of the Alabama High School Athletic Association:

    • A virtual school student must follow all policies and procedures of the Alabama Department of Education.
    • The student must take the physical education course at the zoned school that is associated with the sport being played, which means attending the class on a daily basis.
    • A virtual school student’s practice time must be equivalent to but not to exceed practice that of a traditional student during a school day.
    • A student must meet the academic eligibility requirements of maintaining a 70 or above average to play a sport.  This grade is computed based on 4 core courses and 2 elective courses.  Moreover, the average is not rounded.
    • A student must have a current physical on file, as well as other documents, with the athletic director.

    Students who desire to participate in extracurricular activities will have the option of participating in these activities through their zoned high school.  If the extracurricular activity requires the student to take a course, the student will be required to take the course at the zoned school, which means attending the class on a daily basis.  For example, if a student would like to participate in the JROTC program, the student will have to take the JROTC course at the zoned school.

    Academics and Eligibility for Extra-Curricular: Students must have passed, during the last two semesters in attendance and summer school, if applicable, at least six (6) new Carnegie units with a minimum composite numerical average of 70 in those six(6) units.

    • Four core curriculum courses must be included in those units passed and averaged (English, mathematics, science, and social studies are core curriculum courses.  Any combination of these courses is acceptable.)
    • Only one unit of physical education per year may be counted.

    Enrollment - Requirements: Students who are interested in enrolling in Dothan City Schools Virtual Program must be self-motivated, independent learners.  Students must meet the following prerequisites:

    • DCSVP enrollment shall align with the enrollment period of the traditional school program.
    • Must be enrolled in Dothan City Schools.
    • Students must have a minimum GPA of 2.0 to be accepted into the program.
    • Must maintain consistent, reliable daily access to the Internet, either at their home or other location available to them.  Lack of internet access is not a valid excuse for unsatisfactory progress.
    • Students and parents must attend a required orientation meeting before starting classes.  This will be scheduled by staff at the beginning of school and/or the beginning of each semester during open enrollment if applicable.  Enrollment shall close at the end of the 20th day of the academic year.
      • Add/Drop:  Student can drop/add DCSVP classes within the first 20 school days of the academic year.
      • After the 20th school day, a student will remain in the DCSVP program until the end of the 1st semester.
      • Honors courses are not part of the DCSVP
      • Students coming from out of the system will not be allowed to enroll in DCSVP after the first 20 days.
    • Must maintain a passing grade in each course taken at DCSVP, determined at the traditional grade reporting periods as approved by the Dothan City Schools Board of Education.
    • Must maintain a record of progress consistent with the pacing guidelines developed for each course, or as developed by DCSVP administration.  Failure to do so may result in a recommendation of a change in placement of the student into the Success Academy until satisfactory progress has been made.
    • Must remain in good standing in the DCSVP, adhering to all Dothan City Schools Board of Education policies, including attendance, academic integrity, and student Code of Conduct.
    • Students must adhere to the Dothan City Schools Board of Education’s attendance policy and attend class daily in accordance with the adopted Board calendar.  Student attendance requirement is met by daily logging into the DCSVP program.
    • All DCSVP students are required (by the Alabama State Department of Education) to participate in the Alabama State Student Assessment Program.  These state required assessments i.e. Alabama Comprehensive Assessment Program (ACAP) grades 2-8; PreACT grade 10; ACT+Writing grade 11; ACT WorkKeys grade 12; Civics Test grade 12; Alabama ACCESS for ELL grades K-12 (if applicable).
    • The DCSVP calendar with specific dates will be provided to students and parents upon enrollment.
    • Students whose education program and pathway is determined by an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) may apply for enrollment if the IEP team determines DCSVP is the least restrictive environment (LRE) for that student.  In doing so, DCSVP will follow the guidelines published by the Alabama State Department of Education “Virtual Schools (and Programs) Guidance for Students with Disabilities.”

    Admission Procedures

    • Step 1:  The parent/guardian will complete the application and submit to Dothan City Schools Virtual Program.  Applications are accepted (by the DCSVP office 201 East Wilson Street, Dothan, Alabama 3630) continuously throughout the school year.  Open enrollment is restricted to the first week of school each semester (Fall- August and Spring - January)
    • Step 2:  DCSVP will obtain a copy of the student’s cumulative records.  If a student is transferring from a non-accredited school or program, the student’s coursework must be validated through the DCS Curriculum Department.
    • Step 3:  Parents and students are required to attend the DCSVP orientation.
    • Step 4:  DCSVP will contact the parent/guardian to schedule the student interview.  During this interview, the DCSVP staff will provide specific academic information for the student obtained from the zoned school counselor and/or lead teacher to determine the student’s eligibility for virtual program.  At this meeting, it is advised that the parent/guardian and student determine if virtual school is a good fit.
    • Step 5:   The parent/guardian and student will complete the registration process by meeting with the zoned school counselor to create an educational plan and assign courses.
    • Step 6:  Once the student is placed in the courses, the student can begin courses on the first day of school per semester (August or January).

    NOTE:  All student placements are assigned on a first-come, first served basis.

    Enrollment Status

    1. Full Time Student
      1. All courses are taken via DCSVP, a non-campus attending student for academic course required by the Alabama State Department of Education (ALSDE).
    1. Blended Student
      1. . Some courses are taken via DCSVP and some courses are taken in a traditional school setting.
        1. Only a student in grades 9-12 will be eligible for the blended program.
        2. Students in the blended program must provide their own transportation.

    Withdrawal: Students can withdraw/transfer from DCSVP at the end of the semester.  However, the staff of DCSVP may withdraw the students under the following circumstances:

    • If a student has inactivity for two consecutive weeks without communication or parent conference, the student will be recommended for withdrawal.  (The student will be reported to the DCS Office of Safety, Security and Attendance.)
    • Failing two or more courses at the end of the semester and/or year.
    • If a student is in academic noncompliance.

    Special Education: To accommodate students who have a disability, we work closely with the DCS Office of Exceptional Student Services.  In the event that a student with an identified special education disability applies to the Dothan City Schools Virtual Program, the student’s application process will follow the same procedures outlined for any student.  Once the student’s application has been submitted, an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) meeting will be held by the Special Education Resource team to determine if placement at Virtual Program will enable the student to be involved in and make progress in the general education curriculum through a Virtual platform.  Upon the determination of the IEP team, placement in DCSVP, the student’s IEP goals and services will be closely monitored by the assigned DESS (DCS Department of Exceptional Student Services) staff member.

    DCS Virtual School Program