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  • Carver School for Mathematics, Science and Technology

    Grades 3-6


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    The mission of Carver School of Mathematics, Science and Technology is to empower students on their quest for success in which every lion has a roar!

    The priorities of Carver MST include instructing and motivating students to achieve academic excellence in all core curriculum areas; providing opportunities to explore areas of music and technology; utilizing the cooperative efforts of parents and teachers to promote lifelong learning by setting high expectations and achieving goals; and assuring ongoing professional development for the faculty. The curriculum is enhanced in all areas with technology being an integral part of the instructional program. All students are enrolled in mathematics, science, English, social studies, reading, physical education, and one exploratory class. 

    Admission to Carver MST is based on the applicant's grades,  ACT Aspire scores, and/or SAT (Stanford Achievement Test) scores. Students who do not have ACT Aspire and/or SAT scores may take an alternative test. Carver is designed for students who enjoy a rigorous curriculum and can behave appropriately.

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