• About The School:

    Northview Philosophy

    Northview High School's quest is to accept students on an individual basis and to consider their aptitudes, interests, and needs. The staff at Northview High strives to provide opportunities for students to become familiar with the American system of government and education. In addition, Northview works to allow all students to become more informed, patriotic citizens with responsible academic, moral, and emotional character. Each department strives to assist the student in the maturation process in all areas of personal development so that all students will develop positive self-images and enthusiastic pride in their work. Finally, the staff endeavors to help students communicate more effectively, objectively, and creatively.

    General School Information:

    Northview High School is a public co-educational institution encompassing 9th-12th grades. We are located in the southeastern portion of the state of Alabama in Dothan, Alabama and have the 36th largest high school student population in Alabama. Our student body now consist of 1400 students. The school opened in 1978 with James A. Smith being the first principal. The school later built a building named for Mr. Smith.

    Northview has undergone an extensive facelift to the 38 year old school in the last three years. The Media Center, parking lot, bathrooms, cafeteria, athletic building, wireless and HVAC systems, repainting and other cosmetic improvements. Other changes have been instituting a combination seven-period and block schedule system for the school. In the spring of 2015, there will be a $1 million project to rebuild the science labs. Many good changes have taken place with more to come!

    Northview offers AP and honors classes. We also offer dual enrollment for those students qualifying as well as general education classes.

    The school colors are garnet and gold; the mascot is a cougar. The school offers football, baseball, basketball, softball, soccer, track, tennis, golf, cross-country, and volleyball. It also offers a wide variety of clubs and organizations.

    Northview is part of a very active football tradition in the community and a strong football rivalry with crosstown Dothan High School. Northview won 2 state championships in the 1980s.

    Notable alumni from Northview are:

    Lawrence Dawsey- All American Football player from FSU and NFL Tampa Bay

    Gabe Gross - College football and baseball at Auburn University and professional Tamp Bay Rays

    Kevin Jackson - All American defensive back at Alabama

    Izell Reese - Former NFL player

    Larry Roberts - Former NFL player

    Clint Robinson - Current MLB player Pittsburgh Pirates

    Jamie Thomas - Professional skateboarder and entrepreneur


    Northview High School Alma Mater

    Alma Mater, Northview High School,

    Shining light to guide our youth.

    Lead us forward, striving onward

    To our goals of peace and truth.

    Wisdom, duty you have taught us.

    Friends, you’ve joined us hand in hand.

    We will proudly bear your banner

    In our lives across the land.

    On our hearts are sealed the colors

    Deep maroon and shining gold;

    Symbolizing trust and honor,

    Strength and spirit standing bold.

    Till we reach our destination

    Looking back on days gone by;

    Proudly we will rally round you

    Alma Mater Northview High!