• Instructor:  Jason Falls

    The Business program at Dothan Tech is for students who are interested in pursuing careers in marketing and business administration/management.  Courses provide an overview of career opportunities, which are available in every sector of the economy and requires individuals working in marketing and business administration/management to become familiar with topics including sales, marketing, customer service, telecommunications, research, media, organization, time management, customer service, communication, and effective use of technology. Students in the Wokforce Essentials Ccass are senior students preparing for entry into the workforce.  The program also helps students develop skills currently noted by business and industry as lacking in today’s workforce:  teamwork, communication, professionalism, and positive work ethic.  Students have the opportunity to gain workplace skills that enable them to reach their full potential and ensure they graduate, college and career ready.  Students complete modules in the Ready to Work program develop by AIDT.  Members of the business and indsutry community visit as guest speakers to talk about diffferent careers and the skills necessary for the opportuntiy.