• CO-OP Coordinator:  Jeff Killingsworth

    Cooperative Education Lab is the work portion of the Career/Technical Cooperative Education Program.  The course provides students with the opportunity to evaluate and develop a career plan and update a career portfolio.  Students are dismissed early from school to work in local businesses and schools. Positions are earned through job interviews.  Students must work a minimum number of hours per week and are required to keep a record of hours worked. Students must provide their own transportation. Applications can be obtained from the instructor.. Students will not register for Work-Based Learning (Co-op) during Spring registration.  Once the student application is approved by the instructor and students have secured a work placement, he/she will work with guidance to adjust student schedules.

    Grades: 11th - 12th Grades 

    Prerequisite: Completion of Career Preparedness and one additional CTE credit. Student applications are required.