Title IX and Student Protections

  • The Office of Title IX works to ensure the school district is free from sexual discrimination, sexual harassment, and sexual violence through our three units. 

    The Title IX Office will work with you to hear your report, investigate, and create safety measures at school. We can also provide guidance on reporting to the police, or getting other supports such as counseling. 

What We Do

  • Coordination

    Responsible for coordinating the district’s response to all reports of sexual misconduct affecting students to ensure that every incident reported to OSP is fully addressed and resolved.


    Responsible for leading investigations for the most serious or complex reports of sexual misconduct by students, and any employee misconduct related to those investigations.

    Compliance and Training

    Responsible for developing, implementing, and monitoring effective training and compliance programs that comply with Title IX and address the management of related data.

How to File a Complaint

  • Harassment Grievance Report Form - English                        

    Harassment Grievance Report Form - Spanish



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    Any inquiries regarding the application of Title IX should be addressed to the District’s Chief Title IX Officer at 1665 Honeysuckle Road, Dothan, Alabama 36305; Telephone: 334-726-2005; Email: dewright@dothan.k12.al.us

    Any inquiries or complaints by anyone related to Discrimination, Harassment, Sexual Harassment, Sexual Misconduct, and Retaliation based on a student’s disability and/or on actual or perceived sexual orientation, gender or sex (includes gender identity, gender expression, pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, and pregnancy-related medical conditions), and gender equity in athletics or academics should be addressed to the Office of Student Protections and Title IX at 1665 Honeysuckle Road, Dothan, Alabama 36305; Telephone: 334-726-2005; Email: dewright@dothan.k12.al.us


    Title IX Team
    Dr. Debra Wright
    District Lead 
    Title IX Coordinator
    334-793-1397, ext. 236409
    Email Wright

    Ms. Jessica Noble
    Assistant Title IX Coordinator (Athletics)
    Email Noble

    Mrs. Sherry Corbitt

    Mr. Scott Faulk

    Dr. Erica Hall

    Mr. Steve Lewis

    Decision Makers
    Mrs. Christy Martin

    Mr. Darius McKay

    Appellate Decision Makers
    DCS Board of Education

    Ms. Shuvonna Melvin 
    334-793-1397, ext. 236409
    Email Melvin


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