Our Schools

  • Dothan City Schools is committed to providing quality instructional programs that promote knowledge and skills and build life and career characteristics in our students. The district's School Choice Signature programs are designed to create well-rounded students by challenging them with opportunities that help meet their needs, nurture their talents, interests, and aptitudes and expose them to new experiences.  

    The district currently has six Signature programs. Each program seeks to develop engaging and meaningful opportunities for students at the elementary, middle, and high school levels. 

    Traditionally, children are assigned to a public school according to where they live. Dothan City Schools School Choice Signature programs allow families to select the program that is most suited for their child. All students who live within the Dothan City Schools attendance zone are eligible to apply for Signature programs, and admission is based on successful completion of the application process as well as program availability and capacity. Once students are accepted, they enroll in the host school of the program. Transportation is not provided to students attending a Signature school outside of their zoned school.

    The School Choice Signature program application window is open from May 3, 2021 to May 14, 2021. Click here to access the application and see school availabilities.

    A+ Arts schools integrate the arts, including dance, drama, music, creative writing, and visual arts, into all subjects. Hidden Lake Primary and Beverlye Intermediate are the system’s two A+ Arts schools.

    Some examples of the work going on in A+ Arts schools include partnerships with the Wiregrass Museum of Art and Patti Rutland Jazz Company to provide hands-on arts training experiences. At Highlands Elementary School, a multiple intelligences team is working with classroom teachers to support the integration of the arts in all content areas.

    Expeditionary Learning schools use hands-on, project-based lessons to engage students in work that is challenging, adventurous, and meaningful. Highlands Elementary, Heard Elementary, Selma Street Elementary, and Morris Slingluff Elementary are the system’s Expeditionary Learning schools. 

    A few examples of the kind of activities provided at Expeditionary Learning Schools include growing participation in community and charitable projects at Morris Slingluff Elementary School and a trip to Fort Toulouse to see living history exhibits by Highlands Elementary School students.

    STEM schools incorporate science, technology, engineering, and math into all areas of learning. These schools heavily emphasize project-based, group learning. Jerry Lee Faine Elementary is the system’s STEM school. At Faine, students have state-of-the-art PITSCO STEM labs and also have opportunities to use 3-D printers and to learn to code.

    International Baccalaureate schools lead students to make practical connections between their studies and the real world. Instructional Planning is done thematically and Alabama content standards are plugged into the following six interdisciplinary themes: who we are, how the world works, where we are in places and time, how we organize ourselves, and how we express ourselves. IB schools include Girard Primary, Girard Intermediate, Kelly Springs Elementary. Schools must go through an accreditation process to become recognized as IB schools, and all of Dothan’s IB schools are in the candidacy stage of this process.

    At the IB schools, students are getting early exposure to foreign language classes and a variety of challenging coursework that is expanding their critical thinking skills. At Girard Primary School, the school has partnered with Aunt Katie’s Garden to provide students with the experience of planting, growing, and harvesting their own fruits and vegetables. Kelly Springs has a long-running relationship with the Confucius Institute that allows it to provide Chinese language and cultural instruction.

    Math, Science, and Technology schools heavily emphasize investigation and discovery and seek to prepare students for STEM-related college and career pathways. Carver School is the system’s Math, Science, and Technology School. It retains a competitive admission policy, where students are accepted based on test scores.

    Some examples of the work going on at Carver include a project by fourth-graders at Carver to use circuit testers to find hidden circuits, as well as a dedicated lab space that provides weekly lab instruction to students.

    A+ College Ready schools partner high schools with and feeder schools to create cultures of academic expectations for all students, teachers, and administrators. A+ College Ready schools develop a diverse pipeline of students prepared for rigorous high school coursework and promote Advanced Placement courses so that more Alabama graduates will be prepared for college, the workforce and life. Dothan Preparatory Academy and Dothan High School are the city’s A+ College Ready schools.

    First Class Pre-Kindergarten is offered through Dothan City Early Education Center for children zoned for Dothan City Schools. Dothan City & Houston County Head Start Center provides services to Dothan City Schools as well as Houston County Schools with site locations in Webb, Cottonwood, Ashford, and Rehobeth. Interested in more information about Dothan City Schools Dothan City Early Education Center or Dothan City & Houston County Head Start Center? Please click here