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DCS Ticketing Guide for Fans

  • All ticket purchases for Dothan City Schools (DCS) Athletic events must be made online using GoFan.co. All ticket purchases for any Alabama High School Athletic Association (AHSAA) Playoff event must be made online using GoFan.co.

    How to Buy a Ticket

    1. Use phone or computer
      1. Go to www.gofan.co OR use your phone’s camera to activate your school’s personal QR code.
    2. In the search box type in Dothan High, Carver 9, Dothan Prep or search for the HOME team for that specific game.
    3. Games are listed by Date / Time and the HOME team
      1. Select the game that you want to attend “GET TICKETS”
      2. Make sure there is only one link for the specific game you want to see
      3. If there is a separate home and visitor’s link, select the link that corresponds to you
      4. Click “GET TICKETS” and select the number of tickets that you wish to purchase
    4. Click “Buy Now”
    5. If you plan on only going to one game this season/year, click “Checkout as Guest”
    6. If you plan on going to more than one game this season/year, create an account for quicker checkouts in the future.
      1. Click on “Sign Up”
      2. Type in your email and create a password
    7. Complete your order by updating your payment information
      1. You will receive a confirmation email as your receipt of purchase
      2. Do not redeem your ticket at this time
    8. Bring your phone or device to the game and present your digital ticket to enter



    1. Go right to your team’s gate (Home or Visitor)
    2. Open your GoFan App or Email on your phone and click “VIEW TICKET”
    3. Present your ticket to the ticket taker (they will click “REDEEM TICKET”)

    General Ticket Information for ALL Home Events

    • All tickets (for both home and visiting teams) must be purchased online using GoFan online ticketing platform.
      • gofan.co
      • Using the GoFan QR code
      • GoFan App 
    • Admission prices for 2021 – 2022 (each ticket will have a convenience fee)
      • Varsity football games $9.00
      • JV football games and below $7.00
      • Volleyball matches, tri-matches $7.00
      • Tournament volleyball games $10.00
      • JV / 9th grade basketball games $7.00
      • Junior high basketball games $7.00
      • JVG, JVB, VB basketball games $8.00
      • Basketball tournament games $8.00
      • Baseball, softball, soccer games $7.00
      • Baseball varsity doubleheaders $10.00
      • Soccer tournament games $10.00
      • Softball tournament games $10.00
    • There will be no re-entry once a ticket is redeemed. No “in and out” during the game.
    • The event capacity will follow DCS Athletic Facility Site Capacity Limits. DCS athletic facilities are currently operating at 100% capacity.  DCS does not control capacity limits operated and maintained by Dothan Leisure Services (Rip Hewes Stadium, Westgate Softball Complex, etc.) 
    • Capacity limitations may be enforced at any time during a sport’s season if conditions warrant in order to provide a safe venue for both spectators and participants.
    • Athletic Venues
      • Dothan High School
        • Gym, Convocation Center, Baseball Field, Softball Field
      • Carver 9th Grade Academy
        • There will not be any regular season athletic event hosted at Carver 9th Grade
      • Dothan Preparatory Academy
        • Davis Gym and Girl’s Gym
      • Dothan Leisure Services
        • Rip Hewes Stadium, Westgate Soccer Complex, James Oates Complex, Wiregrass Tennis Center, Westgate Tennis Complex, Aquatics Center



Degrees and Certifications:

  • Dothan High School
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