1. Ensure consistent school attendance by the student;

    2. Encourage students to have good study and work habits, self-discipline, and respect for schools and school personnel;

    3. Review official interim and report cards from the school at the end of each grading period and to schedule conferences with teachers if such reports indicate their child is having difficulty;

    4. Honor requests for conferences from school officials whenever possible;

    5. Respond promptly to all requests from the school for information;

    6. Stay informed of child(ren)'s progress through scheduled parent-teacher conferences, report cards, and communications from the school.

    7. Encourage your Carver Nine student to rise their best ALPHA potential daily!
  • Parents wishing to check a student out, can do so before 2 o'clock daily.


    All students enrolled in Dothan City Schools are required to be in continuous attendance and to abide by the policies governing attendance as outlined by the State of Alabama and the local Board of Education. Alabama Legislative Act 93-972 requires a parent/guardian to be responsible for enrolling their children in school, ensuring that they attend school regularly, and requiring that they conduct themselves properly while in school.

  • Our school uses the RAPTOR security system. When visiting our school, enter the door to the right underneath the red covering.

    Speak with the Registrar or her represenative. Show your Drivers License. Sign In. Further instructions will be provided. 


    Thank you for your cooperation in helping keep everyone in our building safe.




    Effective: October 5, 2021

    1. Open the Internet Browser and type "dothancs.powerschool.com/public" into the address bar.

    2. Create an Account. [Only Parents/Guardians can create an account.]

    3. Enter the following:

         a. Parent/Guardian Name

         b. Valid Email Address

         c. Create a Username and Password 

         d. Link to your student's account by entering the information provided by the school. 

            [A letter with Parent/Student Credentials will be sent home October 6, 2021.]

         e. After submission, an email link wll be sent asking you to verify your account. Complete the email process.

         f. Log in using the created Username & Password


    PLEASE NOTE: Students do not have to create an account. Students have been provided with a unique Username and Password