Progress Reports will be sent home Wednesday, September 15

    Dothan City School students receive report cards for each nine-week period. The report card indicates the students’ academic progress. Parents are encouraged to communicate with teachers and request conferences as needed. Progress reports will be issued to all students at the midpoint (4.5 weeks) of each grading period. Additionally, all high school students will be provided information to allow access to the student information system home portal. Custodial parents can receive access to the student information system home portal upon request from their child’s school.

    The evaluation of each student’s progress will be based upon the student’s classroom work, observations, tests, and district and state assessments. Progress reporting will be provided to the parent or guardian in writing in a format adopted by the School Board. Report cards will include the following:

    1. The student’s academic performance in each required class or course in grades 1 through 12 based on standards based assessments.

    2. The student’s conduct and behavior in elementary schools.

    3. The student’s attendance, including absences and tardiness.

    4. The final report card for a school year shall contain a statement indicating end-of-year status

      regarding performance or non-performance at grade level, acceptable or unacceptable behavior and attendance, and promotion or non-promotion.