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School Zones

Dothan City Board of Education Approves Rezoning

DOTHAN, Ala. – At the February 20, 2024, Dothan City Board of Education meeting, the Board approved District Rezoning that will go into effect for the 2024-2025 school year to accommodate the changes approved in its short-term capital plan.


The short-term capital plan was approved by the Board of Education with a 4-2 vote (District 1 Board Member absent) on June 13, 2023. The Rezoning was approved with a 4-2 vote. Prior to the vote, the Board amended the recommendation to keep Hidden Lake Primary School with Grades K-2 and Carver School for Math, Science and Technology with Grades 3-6. The recommendation of the following actions to be implemented as a short-range capital plan for the district in 2024-2025:

  • Establish a 6th Grade Center at Girard Intermediate School
  • Convert Girard Primary School to a K-5 School
  • Convert all K-6 Schools to K-5 Schools
  • Convert Jerry Lee Faine Elementary School from K-6 to PreK-5

Provided below is a map of proposed zoning changes. Schools impacted by these changes include:

  • Jerry Lee Faine Elementary School
  • Girard Primary School
  • Girard Intermediate School
  • Selma Street Elementary School
  • Kelly Springs Elementary School
  • Morris Slingluff Elementary School

Additionally, the Board of Education has approved the construction of four additional classrooms at Highlands Elementary School and Morris Slingluff Elementary School to accommodate for future growth in these zones.