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Standardized Testing Update

Dothan City Schools in conjunction with the Alabama State Department of Education shares the concerns of each of us regarding the COVID 19 pandemic.  In order to ensure that each of our students receive educational experiences to build skills and abilities, it is necessary to draw upon a standardized testing system to garner achievement information.  A standardized testing system does require all students to experience procedures and processes equitably.  
Therefore it is extremely important that each child attends their zoned school for standardized testing.  Each of our schools has developed a unique plan for addressing students who are remote/virtual learners.  Please feel free to discuss these details with your student's teachers as well as the schools administrative staff.  In addition, you may contact the DCS Virtual Coordinators Ms. Emily Jackson (Secondary) and Ms. Sherry Corbitt (Elementary)
Thank you for your support and understanding as we join together in educating our students!