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Southeast Health and Dothan City Schools continue Academy of Health Sciences & Biomedical Science Partnership

Southeast Health and Dothan City Schools continue Academy of Health Sciences & Biomedical Science Partnership
Three-year partnership has enhanced future medical workforce

DOTHAN, Ala. - Southeast Health and Dothan City Schools are in the final year of a three-year education partnership that has prepared students at Dothan Tech’s Academy of Health Sciences and Biomedical Science to enter the healthcare field.

Southeast Health has provided the program with $130,000 and in-kind services during the three-year partnership to ensure students learn in an authentic healthcare setting complete with simulated patient rooms.

“We believe this investment in the education of future healthcare workers has been beneficial to both Southeast Health and Dothan City Schools,” said Kelly Hurt, Southeast Health’s Chief Human Resources Officer. “As the county’s largest employer, this partnership has helped ensure we have access to well-trained immediate and future healthcare providers.”

Hurt said the community as a whole benefits from this program by ensuring quality healthcare and a strong medical workforce. Healthcare is the largest industry in the area, which attracts new industry and jobs to the Wiregrass.

“We are thankful for Southeast Health and the continued partnership with our Bio-Medical and Health Science programs,” says Chris Duke, director of Career Technical Education & Workforce Development for Dothan City Schools. “Their continued support is immensely valuable.”

“The support of Southeast Health is invaluable. We are grateful when our community’s businesses support the future career paths of our students and help develop their skills for the future,” says Dothan City Schools Superintendent Dr. Dennis Coe.

(Pictured L to R, Check presentation on Friday, January 28):

Joni Brewer, Dothan Tech Health Science Teacher; Dana Singletary, Dothan Tech Biomedical Science Teacher; Amanda Walding, Dothan Tech Health Science Teacher; Kelly M. Hurt, Southeast Health Vice President & Chief Human Resources Officer; Olivia Burgess, Dothan High School Senior and HOSA President; Rick Sutton, Southeast Health Chief Executive Officer; Claudia Hall, Southeast Health Vice President of Marketing and Planning


Additional Information:

Biomedical Studies Partnership & Academy of Health Sciences
First-hand Experiences in the Field of Health Care

Students enrolled in the two academies learned firsthand through a variety of opportunities, including:

  • Job Shadowing and Observations
  • Internships and Mentoring
  • Tours (Hospital, Clinics and Medical School)
  • Speakers
  • Employment opportunities

The goals of the Southeast Health/ Dothan City Schools partnership provide benefits for both students and the Health Care System by:

  • Exposing students to healthcare careers at an earlier age.
  • Increasing the number of students who choose a healthcare career by linking education with career skills and firsthand experiences.
  • Aligning the education curriculum to prepare students for the health, science and biomedicine needs of the future.

Students benefit through the partnership by:

  • Developing academic and future career interests through exposure to a health sciences and biomedical science curriculum.
  • Exploring career goals and abilities.
  • Learning about the range of health careers.
  • Gaining knowledge by observing and interacting with professionals.

Southeast Health benefits by:

  • Readying a more viable and experienced workforce.
  • Creating opportunities for early recruitment of potential employees.
  • Enhancing creativity and innovation in its workplaces.
  • Sharing its expertise to help fuel ongoing interest in health careers.

Southeast Health has pledged:

  • An initial investment of $25,000 in each program for equipment, supplies, classroom set-up, and technology needs;
  • Annual investments of $20,000 over a three-year period;
  • Southeast Health’s total investment includes $130,000 over the three-year period ($65,000 for each program);
  • And branding and program naming rights.

Additional Elements of the Agreement Include:

  • Classroom signage and set up that simulates the Southeast Health work environment.
  • Continued participation of students in job shadowing, internships and learning opportunities from other healthcare providers.
  • Curriculum will continue to be developed and maintained by Dothan City Schools.
  • Southeast Health may suggest curriculum that aligns student education with workplace needs.
  • A portion of the sponsorship may support Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA) students in competitive events, by providing uniforms, study materials, and travel expenses.

Additional Southeast Health Value-Added Support includes:

  • A designated go-to intermediary for relationship development.
  • Minimum of three clinical speakers per program per year.
  • Student tours at the Alabama College of Osteopathic Medicine (ACOM) and Southeast Health Medical Center.

Southeast Health Medical Center Support:

  • Annual internship placement for students (number subject to availability).
  • Volunteer opportunities for students who qualify.
  • Opportunities for students 18 and older to apply for employment.
  • Digital lecture attendance for appropriate topics at Alabama College of Osteopathic Medicine.
  • Donations of retired medical equipment as available and appropriate for student use.

Requested Support by Dothan City Schools:

  • Data sharing regarding the success and impact of the partnership (annual enrollment numbers, etc.).
  • Faculty participation in an annual program review at the end of each school year.
  • Report detailing how the funds were used at the end of each year.