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Governor Kay Ivey visits Jerry Lee Faine Elementary School

On August 15, Governor Kay Ivey traveled to Dothan, Alabama to visit and offer encouragement to students at Jerry Lee Faine Elementary School as they begin the new academic year.
“The thing I am most focused on is making sure that each of you has the best education possible,” Governor Ivey said. “I want each of you to remember that when it comes to learning. You are not alone. Your teachers, your parents, and I, as your governor, are here to support you every step of the way.”
The Governor's visit was an opportunity for her to visit and show support of her Turnaround Schools Initiative. Jerry Lee Faine Elementary School was named a Turnaround School in 2022.
During the Fall of 2022, Governor Ivey launched the Governor’s Turnaround Schools Initiative, a program designed to transform low-performing schools and the surrounding communities. 15 elementary schools were chosen from all areas of the state to participate in the program to receive additional funding and targeted support from the Office of School Improvement, as well as community and state partners such as the Department of Human Resources, Department of Mental Health, Alabama Arts Alliance and others.
This initiative uses the four domains of rapid school improvement, school leadership, teacher growth and development, improved classroom practices, and strong school climate to transform student achievement, community engagement, teacher retention and recruitment, and the overall culture of the surrounding area. This initiative was established to serve as a template for future school turnaround programs, informing every school in the state on how to handle community engagement and school climate.