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Dothan City Schools Implements New Centegix CrisisAlert

January 10, 2022

Dothan City Schools’ Makes Bold Move to Increase Safety, CENTEGIX’s CrisisAlert solution now available.

DOTHAN, Ala. – Teachers and staff at Carver 9th Grade Academy, Dothan Preparatory Academy, and Dothan High School can now call for help with the push of a button with CrisisAlert™, a safety solution by CENTEGIX™, an IoT company dedicated to innovating technology to save and enrich lives. 

“When it comes to the safety of our students and staff, we searched for the very best option, and I believe we found it,” said Steve Parrish, Dothan City Schools (DCS) Safety and Security Officer. “We all feel safer now with this solution in place.”

The CrisisAlert™ platform is an incident alerting solution that protects students by empowering teachers and staff to call for help with the push of a button. The solution provides first responders with precise location information enabling them to respond faster in any situation. The CENTEGIX solution is unique for its ability to deliver alert location accuracy, total campus coverage, and immediate audio and visual notification, all with simple activation via the CrisisAlert™ badge.

Teachers and administrators can use the badge for everything from calling for help for everyday events such as medical emergencies or student altercations to initiating campus-wide lockdowns, including those for credible gun threats.

The solution provides coverage both inside and outside the building, including parking lots and athletic fields. No matter where the emergency is, a badge holder can trigger an alert.

“Seconds can mean the difference in saving a life,” said Brent Cobb, President of CENTEGIX. “In an active shooter event, there is a casualty every 8 seconds. In a medical emergency, arriving a second late could be catastrophic. Our technology is innovative, but using it is very simple. Just push the button, and help comes.”

“This gives us an unprecedented ability to respond to emergencies to our schools," said Dr. Dennis Coe, DCS Superintendent. “We can know where our staff need help without relying on a mobile application."



Check out the below news story to learn more about the system:



CENTEGIX™ innovates technology to save and enrich lives. CENTEGIX’s CrisisAlert™ solution is an incident alert platform that utilizes mobile and desktop applications along with a mesh network to provide property-wide protection. CrisisAlert is a force multiplier, allowing staff and security professionals to request assistance and implement emergency protocols from anywhere. CrisisAlert goes well beyond the limitations of legacy communications devices and single-dimensional apps, because in a crisis: Every. Second. Matters. To learn more about CENTEGIX, please visit