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Dothan City Schools Implements Weapon Detection Systems


September 5, 2023                                                                                 

Dothan City Schools Implements Weapon Detection Systems


DOTHAN, Ala. – Dothan City Schools recently added another layer of security with the recent implantation of OPENGATE Weapon Detection Systems at DCS Campuses. On Thursday, August 31, DCS completed the first phase of installation of these new state-of the art-weapons detection systems at Dothan High School, Dothan Preparatory Academy, Carver 9th Grade Academy and Girard Intermediate School.


OPENGATE Weapon Detection Systems are utilized by major professional and college venues across the nation with near zero nuisance alarms. The units provide automatic screening of people in transit, including their backpacks and bags, for the detection of mass casualty metal threats, such as high caliber assault weapons and IED devices. The installation of the system was the result of recommendations received from Vulnerability Assessments completed in the summer of 2022 as being the top safety priority. The units were purchased with grant funding from the Department of Justice.


In addition to school utilization, these portable units will also be used at Dothan City School sporting events, including football games at Rip Hewes Stadium.


Phase Two of Weapon Detection System Installation is expected to begin within the next couple of months with systems placed in all other Dothan City Schools by the end of the calendar year.