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Dothan City Schools earn “B” on 2018-19 Alabama Education Report Card


Dothan City Schools earn “B” on 2018-19 Alabama Education Report Card

DOTHAN – The Alabama Department of Education released the Alabama State Report Card today, containing a letter grade for schools and school systems across the state, including Dothan City Schools (DCS).Education Report Card

Dothan City Schools received a “B,” which reflects several different factors including academic achievement, academic growth, chronic absenteeism, as well as graduation rates and college and career readiness (for high schools).

“I would like to congratulate all DCS administrators, Principals, teachers and staff for their work on continuous improvement for our community and most importantly our students,” said Dothan City School Superintendent, Dr. Phyllis Edwards, “Our system continues to show that hard work and dedication to our students will always present positive results in education and in the future for the City of Dothan.” 

The State of Alabama introduced the Alabama State Report Card so students, parents, taxpayers and others could easily understand how their schools are performing, just as report cards help parents understand how their kids are doing. The goal of the report card is to provide a starting point and to offer easy-to-understand and concise information showing how a school is doing.

We encourage parents and others to explore the new Alabama State Report Card, which provides multi-year, detailed information about our school and allows you to compare our school to others throughout the state using a wide range of measures. This information can be found at: 

Whether a school receives a higher or lower letter grade, the release of the Alabama State Report Card represents an opportunity for schools, parents and community members to work together to help every school in the state succeed.

Click here to view the Dothan City Schools 2018-2019 Report Card