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DCS Construction Update

Dothan Preparatory Academy Construction Update

At the beginning of the year, extensive construction at Dothan Prep began in an effort to provide our students with a world-class education and an environment conducive to learning. In January 2020, the process of replacing DPA's entire HVAC and Lighting System began. Simultaneously, contractors began on the construction of 6 new classrooms and bathroom facilities on the backside of the campus between the main building and DPA's elective building. A new elevator along with various ramps will be added to help bring DPA's campus into ADA compliance.

Today, we are happy to present updates from this construction.

Construction Area of DPA's Future Elevator
Foundation of DPA Classrooms

We have storm work for roof drains complete and the chiller area graded. The next steps include forming a transformer and chiller pad. The slab for cantina is complete and looks great as the foundation of our 6 new classrooms, control joints will be cut and sealed next. The rocks are in place for the egress route and should be mud free when it rains. The roadbed cut out had to remove a lot of unsuitable soils, and started back with crush and run. 

Construction behind Future DPA Classrooms Construction Progress of DPA Road

Update March 4, 2020