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Dothan City Schools Represents at ALSDE Mental Health Services Training

Dr. Kay Warfield, Alabama State Department of Education Director of Prevention and Support Services has designated Dothan City Schools (DCS), “A Mrs. Zavitz presents at LEA Showcase Showcase City”. Dothan City, with Auburn City and Jackson County, led the way in presenting models of implementation of protocols and services that are used in their school districts, at this month’s Launch Conference for Mental Health Service Coordinators.

Andrea Zavitz, DCS’s new Mental Health Services Coordinator, presented on the Suicide Protocol that is utilized by Dothan City Schools.

Mrs. Zavitz commented that “we want to work smarter not harder. As a liaison between the guidance counselors and the school-based mental health counselors, the goal is to streamline services and Zavitz Presentation provide consistent interventions at Tier 1, 2, and 3 levels. Student safety is the priority and this is established at all stages of prevention and intervention, including crisis and threat response.”

Mrs. Zavitz provided instruction on how MHSC’s can implement the suicide crisis response model and train their guidance counselors and crisis response teams at their school districts.

Dr. Kay Warfield, stated at the end of Mrs. Zavitz’s presentation, that they “saved the best for last.”